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cribbs of the organizing committ committee. of course there's a lot of interest here in this region but, she says, that interest has to be carefully reviewed. it's a long process. it's a lot of work and it can be heartbreaking if you don't get that bid. we're live in san jose. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. the next winter olympics right around the corner. the opening ceremony in sochi 351 days away. we will be broadcasting live from sochi, russia. a bay area football coach fired after a hazing scandal involving his players is now suing the catholic diocese. the coach says he followed all the rules and did all the right things. we do have to warn you the details of the alleged hazing are graphic. jodi hernandez is live in san francisco with more on the st y story. jodi? >> reporter: the coach and his attorney believe he was made the scapegoat for a shocking incident of hazing, some incidents that the coach was
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responsible for bringing to light. instead of getting a pat on the back, the coach got a kick out the door and now the fired coach is firing back. >> i was angry. i was shocked. i was -- i felt like this is unbelievable. >> reporter: ousted head football coach chris sarbone turning into action. after they fired him from st. patrick's st. vincent high school over a hazing incident that he brought to the school's attenti attention. >> you show integrity, you show character, you show compassion, you try to end something bad that's happening on your campus, and you try to protect children and you get fired. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: cerbone says jayvee players confided in him that they had been victims of hazing by members of the varsity team. cerb 0 one says the allegations were shocking and he reported them to the principal and child
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protective services right away. >> in one case students would hold down one student and an older student would pull his own pants down and sit on his face of a younger student. >> reporter: the catholic diocese acknowledges cerbone had nothing to do with the hazing but because he was head coach he was responsible so they ousted him and they say they stand by their actions. >> in this particular case where it's the catholic church, this is an issue i would think they would be extremely sensitive to and the fact that they were firing chris, who reported sexual abuse, is just absolutely outrageous. >> reporter: his attorney calls it whistleblower retaliation. he says the diocese needs to pay. >> we're hoping to get justice for chris. that's really what we want. and in so doing to get better protection for other kids who in the same situation as the kids
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who complained to chris in the first place. >> the message they've clearly sent is if something is going on that you think needs to be reported, keep are your mouth shut because you might be the next one to get fired. >> reporter: now we contacted a spokesperson for the catholic diocese of sacramento. he says they have yet to be served with any lawsuit but, again, says the diocese stands by its actions in this case. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. jodi, thank you. now to the east bay. a couple in the east bay has filed a complaint against their charter school and antioch school district. the family claims a third grader's mouth was taped back in november so he wouldn't talk. they say the next day a different teacher put the boy under a chair and sat on him to stop him fidgeting. they claim he was then ridiculed by other students.
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they did an interrible review and found no evidence of wrongdoing. on the peninsula a martial arts teacher is accused of molesting a student and now police are looking for more victims. investigators in redwood city arrested this man, 31-year-old ralph pod, in december on allegations he molested a 9-year-old boy in one of his classes. todd worked as a tie kwan go director. police haven't come up with any other victims yet. >> it's precautionary. we know he was instructed there for the past 12 years so we want to make sure that we get in contact with everybody we can to determine what his background is and if there is any more victims or witnesses involved. >> todd is now out on bail. it has been a rough month for tesla, the electric carmaker's fourth quarter reports a larger than expected loss. 65 cents a share. stock price fell 2.5% on that
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news. this follows a very public tussle with "the new york times" earlier this month in which a reporter documented his road trip with tesla. the drive ended early after he failed to plug in the car overnight reportedly. they are amongst the wealthiest men in the world and they united to give away some cash. it's silicon valley's version of the nobel prize for science. joe rosato jr. at the high profile launch. >> reporter: considered the royalty of silicon valley, facebook founder mark zuckerberg, google co-founder sergey brin, and milner. today they weren't talking tech. they were rewarding science. >> the reason i'm excited about this is because i think society needs more heroes who are scientists and researchers and engineers. >> reporter: the group is banding together as an innovation dream team to launch the first ever life science breakthrough pride, one of the world's largest research awards.
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for its first out iing it's awarding 11 medical researchers $3 million apiece for their work. >> hopefully what we're doing here today can help create something that will be really inspirational to folks to encourage more people to do the important work that you are taking on. >> reporter: going forward the group will hand out five $3 million prizes a year, each going to a different disease research. brim says google will focus on park parkinson's disease. >> to have this kind of platform, for parkinson's res research. >> reporter: among the recipients is cancer researcher louis cantley. >> it was a shock to me to learn of the magnitude of the award, $3 million is roughly twice the size of the nobel prize. >> reporter: the awards will lure bright, young minds into the world of science over more lucrative business careers. >> the intent of this award
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really was to get the attention of the young people and get them excited about what one can achieve in science and realize one can get recognition and wealth. >> reporter: for his next round of awards, the 11 recipients will help choose next year's winners with hopes the next stars of science will loom as large as the current stars of technology. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. well, from outer space it will soon land in santa clara or so it seems. the new space age office will soon be built near the 49ers new stadium on walsh avenue. here is the first look at nvidia's plans for a new corporate campus. the 1 million square foot facility will be made up of two identi identical six-sided building. they expect to move in in 2015. it's 20% larger than the current
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apple campus. a gay boy scout is the inspiration hyped the first of its kind building introduce d i california. senator mccardell introduced it. it would revoke tax exempt status of any youth organization like the boy scouts. if it includes policies that discriminate. this comes as the boy scouts of america are considering changing its policy barring people in the lbgt community from serving as scouts or 0 scout leaders. if the measure is passed, it would be the first time in the country. he introduced a bill after he heard the story of scout ryan anderson denied the top rank of eagle scout because he admitted that he's gay. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking this cold winter blast across the bay area. that was good enough to drop temperatures to 28 in santa rosa. also 31 in livermore with 34. numbers dropping into the 40s across the peninsula. 49 now in palo alto. we'll let you know how cold it
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will get in a few minutes. also, say cheese. it's picture day at spring training. some of the giants have a whole new look. and then first in the nation. how stanford is once again setting itself apart from other universities. >> reporter: i'm kimberly tere live in san jose where security cameras in cars are becoming more popular and not just for the obvious reasons. that story coming up.
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private eyes are watching you. the bay area seeing an increase in the number of personal surveillance cameras. we're talking about on everything from front porches to dashboards and the reasons vary. kimberly terre is live with the details for us. kimberly? >> reporter: jessica, police, as you know, have been using dash cams for years to record their traffic stops, but now more people are buying them and using
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them for security and surveillance. they're the reason we have so many spectacular images of the meteor over russia last week. there are millions of dash cameras in that country. here in the u.s. and more particularly in the bay area the technology trend seems to be catching on. >> the biggest reason right now is to record traffic accidents, to record what they see on the road, just wanting to share with other people. >> reporter: and sometimes security experts say it's people just wanting a second set of eyes. >> so i've gotten calls wanting to know where their partner is, parents wanting to know where their teenager is, employers wanting to know where their employees are. >> reporter: thousands of tips from dash cam. >> as the price tag comes down, the availability gets greater. >> reporter: but the interest in personal surveillance extends beyond the driver's seat. >> unfortunately, criminals are
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becoming pretty brave. >> reporter: more popular than car cameras are home is yo surveillance systems. sales fell off 75% over last year. >> people want to protect their belongings. they want to make sure that if something does happen to either the property or to their loved ones that it's going to be caught on tape. >> it's a vandal-proof dome with night vision. >> reporter: security experts say they see homeowners investing in as many as 15 cameras with technology that allows video screaming straight to their smart phones. security experts say that the biggest problem they see out there people buying these cameras online and installing them improperly. they suggest that you test them before using them. if you have any concerns to ask an expert. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. kimberly, thank you. police are warning palo alto
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residents to be more aware. eight home burglaries happened within the last two weeks. some simple reminders, keep all doors and windows locked. don't hide any keys around your property, and make sure your house is well lit. police have more information in a violent robbery at a home in pleasant hill earlier this month. they release this had sketch today showing two of the three suspects. police say these two men and another suspect robbed a home on wendy avenue on the morning of february 7th. they ransacked a home and pistol-whipped one of the residents. if you have any information on this crime can you are urged to call the pleasant hill police department. now a follow-up, a sonoma county sheriff's office release add photo of a man they say may be connected to a triple homicide in forrestville that happened last week. investigators believe this man, look at him closely, is a potential associate of the man who was arrested in alabama. the video is from the chevron gas station and it was taken the day before the homicides occurred.
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investigators believe it led to the shooting death of the three men. they also say the man comes from the bay area. tonight in san francisco a neighborhood finally drying out. for most of the day it was just a wet mess as you can see there. a water main break flooded the intersection. wa water ankle deep in some places. and what's to blame? you know, aging pipes. a broken water line was installed in 1935. repair crews are guessing that a combination of old and abrupt weather changes may have contributed to that break. >> big money on the farm. stanford became the first college to raise more than a billion dollars in a single year. it pays to have wealthy alumni. stanford's record breaking fund-raising is the result of 79,000 individual donors. sta stanford significantly outpaced second place harvard which brought in $650 million and third place yale worth about $500 million. as for the public universities uc berkeley was the leading
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fund-raiser bringing in $4.5 million. the countdown on for the most colorful night in the bay area. artists are racing against the clock to get the floats ready in time for this weekend's chinese new year parade. about two months of hard work for 24 floats adorned with 400 pounds of gold glitter. it was well worth it according to the master float builder. >> we have approximately more than we can shake a stick at right now. >> how many "s" words that was? >> that was a lot. we have worked hard to keep our display here. >> anywhere from 500,000 to a million people are expected at the parade. always so much fun. of course it depends on the weather how many people will be outside. it's the year of the snake and the celebration begins at 2 bd and market street in san francisco 5:15 saturday night. let's put the pressure on
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swref jeff. it looks like a nice day. it has been rained 0 out in years before. >> a lot of pressure on those weather types like myself. i know they're so dedicated no matter what the weather, there will be a lot of people out there. we are thinking the forecast will hold out as we head throughout saturday's forecast. 20 to 40 miles per hour and quite a bit of wind also this morning. winds usually help to keep it warmer out here but despite the blustery conditions even throughout the morning hours able to get down to 28 degrees in santa rosa. look at this, average low of 40. so 12 degrees off the mark here for a lot of the north bay. coincidentally one of the coldest spots able to warm up the most with a lot of sunshine, santa rosa at 60. 56 in san francisco. 58 in san jose and 59 in gilroy. currently we are starting to drop off quickly. 48 in petaluma. 45 in los gatos.
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a cold night for us. let's get you outside to that sky camera network. here is the other thing. a marine layer at the coastline. it's not extremely high at this point, but we do expect areas of fog at the coast and also potentially for the peninsula tomorrow morning. let's push up here to emeryville and this is an incredible shot tonight. a little bit of pollution in the atmosphere. those clouds, the sun making this a memorable view. now let's get you back into the weather mix here. we do have the storm track just off to the north. we're going to see what we've seen so much of 2013 happen again for tomorrow. we have another little system sneaking on down here throughout the jet stream, but it's going to take more than an inland track. it will not have a chance to move out into the pacific and for us mainly an increase in cloud cover, a chance of patchy fogs in the morning hours. 20s and also 30s in the morning. also breezy. high pollen in the atmosphere. you may think you're getting sick but the pollen is way off
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the charts. just about everything blooming at this point. so for thursday, we're going to start with the coldest temperatures in the interior valleys. 35 by 8:00 a.m. for the east and the bay. an awesome day by thursday, about 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 it will be really nice. by friday partly cloudy and 63. as we head throughout saturday just a 10% chance of a shower. the cloud cover lingering across most of the bay area. a real quick check here of the ski resorts. if you're heading up that way with 0 our recent snow. kirkwood with 86 inch snow base. and despite the lack of rain in 2013 and snow, 71% of normal for the central sierras. not too bad. how strong we started off in november and december. >> okay. thanks very much, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, putting some of the questions to rest. new research out tonight on whether some autistic children can recover from that disorder.
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>> also, a potential windfall for californians. the massive refunds that could soon be on the way. and a glimpse of the future. the new look at high-tech google glasses and how you can snag yourself a pair.
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here's your big chance. they're not your typical specks. google is looking for people to test out their new glasses. they take pictures or record video hands-free, search the web, and send message by voice. this is newly released video showing how it works. if you want to become a glass explorer, you have to apply online by february 27th by wroting a post on google-plus or twitter explaining what you would do with the glasses. those chosen will have to pay $1 nx 500 for the pair of glasses.
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go google is yet to set a date when the glasses will be available to the public. we checked your home page today. sunnyvale and yahoo! rolled out a new look. the change is aimed at making the website more modern and attractive to users. users can now share content from their home page and have a limited ability to custom iize , the latest change since taking over in july and there are more changes to come in the next few months. it was picture day for the giants. everyone was expected to show up and look spiffy. getting ready for the new season, smile. willard scott was with the team on photo day. >> reporter: we are outside the locker rooms and it's raining outside. it has been most of the day. so today the perfect rainy day activity for the giants, photo day. it's an annual spring training
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tradition where flashbulbs pop and giants players dress up in full uniform posing for what will be used all season long in game programs on the video board and elsewhere around the ballpark and beyond. and looking good is about feeling good, the giants feel great. taking their photos as defending champs. >> it's fun to look back and remember what we did last year, remember how special it was. it signifies the beginning of a new season, the beginning of a new year. >> giants baseball starts now. >> reporter: it's also a chance to capture the moments with the giants that help make connections with the fans. in this case with sfg productions filming what will later be seen on the video board at at&t park. this material will go on the scoreboard prior to every game. >> this is what gets the fans fired up and it personalizes the players as they are about to take the field at the most important, crucial time of the game. >> reporter: and spring training offers the best venue to get all the guys in one place at one time. >> we have a lot going on during the season production wise.
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>> reporter: and, more importantly, most importantly, the players are playing games each and every day. >> their minds are clear now. they haven't played any games yet. they're really into this and they do a great job. >> reporter: much more than just taking photos. all the different stations the guys go to, part of the squoefr all presentation at the ballpark and on tv. back to you in the stewudio. >> thanks, laurence. like the first day of school. >> it is fun down there. still ahead at 6:00, an important warning involving children and widely used medicine. and then we all have to pay but they don't. investigative reporter vickie nguyen. we'll have the latest from south africa. i'm sam brock. we elect our members in congress, in theory to represent us. isn't that the idea? what we're getting is the blame game. coming up in reality check, senator marco rubio and house speaker john boehner have it
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right when they say president obama has ownership of the sequestration cuts.
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so where is everyone? this past weekend president obama was vacationing in flo florida. meanwhile, congress has left for for a weeklong forecast. >> march 1st is the deadline for sequestration, the automatic cuts that will put a heavy burden on our military. >> leon pa nnetta warned congre that failure to address the issue could lead to furloughs for 800,000 defense workers. in tonight's reality check sam brock tries to figure out who is responsible for these impending cuts. >> a lot of finger pointing, raj. wouldn't it be nice if elected officials did what they were elected to do? that's neither here nor there. leon pa nnetta's announcement oy brought more dialogue for sequestrati
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sequestration. what dialogue? lawmakers have given up on a solution and they're worried about who is to blame at this point. speaker john boehner and marco rubio point to president obama but there are major holes in that accusation. >> i see the threat of the furlough as very credible. i happen to be a federal government employee although, by the way, i'm not speaking for the federal government. >> reporter: as an associate professor, he is speaking for the 800,000 people who could see furlough days if the copping doesn't address sequestration. it's the latest threat from leon panetta that's cooking up the temperature of an issue already at boiling point. we asked henderson, a research fellow at stanford's hoover instituti institution, the $64,000 question. who should be blamed if sequestration goes unaddressed? >> whose responsibility is it? this, after all, was a bill passed through both houses of
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congress and signed by the president. so, yes, the president is responsible and congress is responsible. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio in his state of the union response and house speaker john boehner have both placed own ownership of the sequestration cuts at the feet of president obama. here are the facts. when the budget control act passed congress in the summer of 2011 members in both parties voted for it. 95 democrats in the republican-controlled house and 28 republicans in the democratically controlled senate. those figures represent substantial bipartisan support. most recently there's the matter of daily beast journalist with this power point presentation. it was distributed by house speaker john boehner to republicans on capitol hill that outlined the plan for sequestration in the summer of 2011. now there are also reports from legendary journalist bob woodward who chronicled the debt ceiling debate in the summer of 2011 with the idea of sequestration actually came from
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then-white house budget director jacob lou. so which version is it? >> i can believe that he proposed it and that john boehner proposed it. those are not mutually exclusive explanations. so i could believe that both sides proposed it. >> reporter: i think the point here is there are circumstantial evidence supporting the notion both the president and members of congress crafted this now notorious law. where does the truth lie? it can't be all one or all the other. we know, as professor henderson said, all parties had to sign off on it. that is where the debate ends. boehner and rubio's statement is flat wrong. i'm sam brock and that is today's "reality check. " thank you, sam. new details on the oscar pistorius case. new heated testimony in day two of the bail hearing to determine if he'll be let out. a detective said he could mispi question. he said he accidentally shot his girlfriend thinking she was an
6:32 pm
intruder. the prosecution insists the murder was premeditated and says that a neighbor heard the couple arguing loudly that night. pistorius' family maintains his innocence. >> i mean, this is it. he's not a violent person. he's a peacemaker. >> the detective also testified today that he made an error when identifying the substance found in pistorius' bedroom as testo. arthur salinas is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a stairwell. officers say the victim picked up evidence from the crime scene and that's what led officers to i.d. salinas. he has a criminal history as a sexual offender in texas and was violating his parole by being here in california.
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there are several recent cases of animal cruelty on the peninsula. tonight $1,000 reward is being offered for information lead in to the arrest of the person who shot a raccoon in south san francisco. sunday morning a neighbor reported the injured animal on palm avenue less than a mile away from 101. the peninsula humane society rushed the raccoon to the wildlife rescue center where staff members found it had been shot in the head. they had to euthanize it. this marks a dozen animals shot since december including a falcon, two crows, and another raccoon in palo alto. listen to this. on game day the meters closest to at&t park will cost up to $7 an hour between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. that's compared to just 25 cents an hour on nongame days. those rates will be based on the distance from the ballpark. the new rates go into effect in march. golden gate bridge officials are encouraging drivers to start ditching cash and use the electronic payment system as
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soon as possible. the bridge will be going all electronic at the end of march. officials are concerned many commuters aren't aware. they show how easy it is to switch to the new license plate billing system. the check is not in the mail but it might be soon. a judge's ruling today could result in california electricity customers seeing more than a billion dollars in refunds. the money would come from energy wholesalers which profited from all those rolling blackouts in the year 2000. the state brought billions of dollars worth of electricity to keep the lights on and the judge agreed with california. the prices paid were artificially inflated by more than a dozen wholesalers. the judge's decision now goes before the federal energy regulatory commission. california homeownership steadily dropped all last year and now it's the second lowest in the nation. a new census bureau report says 64. % of californians live in a
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home they or their family own. the housing survey dating back to 2005. california has declined every year since. nationally 65.4% of u.s. residents own the home they live in. a whole new approach to making wine. still ahead here at 6:00, the local winery shaking things up by taking their operati under water. plus, the investigative unit exposes county workers working the system for free parking. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a cold start as we head throughout thursday. inland temperatures this the low to mid-30s. could be sunshine there for you. watch out if you have allergies. pollen is surging up into the moderate and also the high category. i'll have full details in your seven-day forecast and our next chance of rain coming up.
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in health matters new hope for parents of you a it tis particular children. researchers say recovery is possible. now the word recovery is used only once in a write-up of the study in the psychiatric journal. the lead researchers doesn't want to give parents false home and cautions the overwhelming majority of children with autism will not recover but they can make considerable progress. she says it's not yet known why some children lose their autism symptoms. >> codeine can kill some children when used after surgery. it has turned into morphine in the liver and morphine can suppress breathing. the fda is adding a warning to
6:39 pm
the drug label. children who have died appeared to have metabolisms that convert codeine into morphine at an unusually high rate which means they have higher than expected dose of the drug. >> jeff ranieri is with us again. so high to drive around town, to see snow-capped mountains. >> isn't that wild? some low snow there yesterday. we had the rain and also the windy conditions. tonight, here we go. more clear skies. going to lead to a cold night. we'll let you know who will drop down into the low 30s and our next chance of rain.
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getting something for nothing at the expense of the disab disabled. placards are supposed to give priority for those who need them. >> our investigative unit found out it's very tempting for placard abusers. our investigative reporter vicky nguyen is here with what we found. we're not talking about the usual suspects. >> reporter: we watched people who parked near county buildings. then we took it a step further and we found out who they were and how much they're costing the city of oakland. on most busy streets, you park,
6:42 pm
you pay. unless you have one of these. and on fourth and fifth between broadway and washington in oakland, it seems like almost everyone does. i've noticed a lot of placards. >> a lot of people do on this street here. >> reporter: so we set up watch after getting a tip from a viewer who became suspicious when he noticed the plethora of placards here. the county health services, the coroner, the sheriff's office and it's right across from oakland pd. do you work over here? >> yeah, i do. >> reporter: you do? we observed people with placards running from their cars, carrying boxes, even balancing on high heels. and while you can't always spot their disability just by looking at someone, we could see why this spot stood out. how often are patients asking you for one of these placards? >> i get a request at least once a week. >> reporter: this cardiologist says he signs one or two
6:43 pm
requests a year because he wants his patients to exercise and because -- >> there is widespread abuse. >> reporter: so then it's not yours? >> yes, it is. my mom's. >> reporter: it doesn't belong to you. >> yes, it does. >> reporter: it belongs to your moth mother. >> me and my mom are on there. >> reporter: while that may have been confusing the rules are clear. disabled placards are only issued to one person and can't be loaned to anyone. >> yes, my mom, and she puts me on as her driver to take her places. >> reporter: is she with you now? >> she's at home. i just left her. >> reporter: she was one of dozens of drivers we saw day after day. is this your disabled placard? >> yes. >> reporter: it is? the did dmv says it's registered to someone else. >> oh. >> reporter: yeah, the dmv tells us it's registered to someone else not you. >> oh, must be my mother. >> reporter: nearly half the people we tracked were using a placard or plate registered to someone else. are you using a disabled placard for parking? >> no. >> reporter: there's one on your
6:44 pm
dashboard. >> no. >> reporter: we confirmed at least eight work for the county. is this your first time doing that? >> yes, today. >> reporter: we have you on multiple occasions using your mother's placard to park for free while you work. >> while i work? >> reporter: do you work here? >> yes. >> reporter: so does this woman who received more than $100,000 in salary and benefits from the county. you think it's fair to us a someone else's placard so that you can park for free all day? >> i have a parking space. >> reporter: oh, you do? where is your parking space? >> i really need to go now. >> reporter: when you see video like this, what do you think? >> it's egregious activity. >> reporter: dmv investigator says the number of placards issued has doubled in ten years. >> more placards gives more opportunity for abuse. >> reporter: and it's not chump change. at $2 an hour the city could collect up to $20 a day at each of these meters.
6:45 pm
that adds up to $3,000 a week in just this area. last year oakland parking officers issued 99 citations for placard abuse netting nearly $50,000 in fines. but the city could be losing up to three times that amount just in this area. as we saw this meter maid didn't collect a single coin at any of these meters. do you think it's fair that you park for free while your co-workers pay for parking? >> no. no, i don't. >> reporter: those who get caught in the act face fines up to $2,000 and possible jail time, not to mention -- >> i don't want to be filmed on tv. >> reporter: the dmv says if you suspect placard abuse, get a description of the driver and try to snap a picture of the license plate and the placard number. we posted a link to the dmv reporting hotline. go to and click on investigations. >> it is fascinating to hear people, what they have to say. i know you're working on something else for this evening
6:46 pm
as well. >> yes, we have been busy. tonight we hear from insiders at the it dtsc. it's $200 million agency with nearly 1,000 employees. it's supposed to protect californians from toxic waste but critics from the inside say the agency's weak enforcement is putting our house and environment at risk. >> to be protected is not being served. >> reporter: what do you say to those folks who are frustrated and feel their health is at risk? >> i would say that quite a lot happens, and that we are always open and i -- my door is always open. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, the history of pollution at a bay area company and what the director says she is doing to address these accusations raised by people inside her department. >> all right. we'll see that this evening. thank you very much, vakicky. if you have a tip, call us or send an e-mail to the unit.
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let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with our forecast tonight and going into tomorrow. we start talking about the weekend? are we almost there? it's wednesday. >> yes, yes. >> only wednesday, raj? come on. let's take a look at the current conditions out here at the coastline. winds 20 to 40 miles an hour. been pretty blustery all day long, even this morning we had some wind chills that made temperatures feel like the mid-20s but we also had the air temperature drop as low as 28 degrees in santa rosa. that was good for a new record. also in san jose, the 36. oakland with 37. daytime highs did pop up into the upper 50s and low 60s. santa rosa will be popping up into the mid-60s. not quite as hot as we had a couple of weeks ago but a small surge in those temperatures. now currently we are start to go drop off in the 40s, namely the north bay and some of those interior valleys. 48 in novato.
6:48 pm
let's take you outside to that live hd sky camera network on this wednesday evening and we do have some cloud cover, the marine layer back up against the immediate coastline. so far looks like pretty smooth sailing. do downtown san francisco and we've altered this view a bit. that is the famed golden gate bridge on the right side of the screen. once again a little bit of that marine push we'll see tomorrow morning. okay. pattern right now does have the jet stream here just off to the north. storm track is right where we want it but here we go. the latest storm system is going to take this more unusual drier track and the cold front will have no chance at all of scooping up any moisture, this position of low pressure. for us we'll keep it dry here as we head throughout thursday and friday and it's going to stay cold right up against the coastline temperatures in the 50s and then back into the interior valley upper 60s in that forecast and also mainly sunny as we head throughout thursday and friday. we'll begin with patchy fog near the coastline.
6:49 pm
as we head throughout the afternoon hours, smooth sailing 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00. widespread sunshine coming back into the mix. we'll start off cold with 32 up into santa rosa. 33 livermore and 38 in san jose. and 35 in los gatos. you know the drill. you'll need that jacket for tomorrow and also a couple layers especially for those of you in the east bay. for thursday, daytime highs will top out in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. 59 in los gat 0 os. not too bad back in the hills of the south bay. 60 in palo alto. 61 in palo alto and the east bay temperatures very similar. it's not going to matter where you go tomorrow. 59 in the castro valley. 59 in concord. upper 50s to 60s back by the bay. we're going to replicate in san francisco with 59 for you. 61 in santa rosa and 57 in
6:50 pm
bodega bay. i don't mind what we have coming our way for friday. temperatures in the low 60s. some sun. by saturday we cloud it up, just a 10% chance of a shower right now. not expecting any major rainfall and then a look at what we can expect for sunday. mostly sunny skies and we're going to continue that trend into monday as well. then as we head throughout next week, yes, we do get a storm system coming our way. it's not a big storm. thumbs down in the weather department. we need more rainfall. it will bring us at least a 50% chance of a shower by next tuesday. so get ready for the cold. it's coming back tomorrow. >> and chinese new year looks good. >> yes, it does. >> you need to put a dragon on that seven-day forecast. >> that will take like three hours. >> get to it. >> we'll see you at 11:00. let's get to sports. let's bring in jim kozimor. the warriors need some help, don't they, jim?
6:51 pm
yes, they certainly do, guys. the warriors are at home tonight trying to end a losing streak that has gone on since, now get this, before super bowl 47. that is right. came against the phoenix suns back on february 2nd. the warriors are going to try to get back to their winning ways tonight at oracle arena against those same teams that gave them their last win. henry, what will it take to end the six-game slide? >> reporter: absolutely, jim. six con second it tiff losses for the golden state warriors. no one saw this coming. during this six-game losing streak, the warriors' opponents have averaged 117 points a game while making 11 three-pointers a game. moments ago i talked to thompson and i asked him what is wrong and how do you correct the recommend? >> we have not stuck to our defense. we've gotten away from it the
6:52 pm
last six games and tonight is a big test, possibly the biggest game of the season. we have to stop the bleeding some time. just have to get back to what we did to get us 30 wins. trust each other on the defensive side of the ball. >> reporter: blake thompson admitted he has more than losing on his mind right now. he's been in the middle of several trade rumors. by the way, the nba trade deadline is tomorrow. david lee says don't worry about clay thompson. he says clay is here to stay. reporting from oracle arena, henry wofford, nbc bay area. as henry said the nba trade deadline at noon on thursday. and those warriors are not expected to be too busy. the sacramento kings 90 miles away, a first-round pick, the houston rockets. robinson disappointed in the capital city did not start one game this year for the kings. more basketball, on the college side.
6:53 pm
mike montgomery's shove of allen crabb has drawn some criticism from former cal players. "mercury news" reporting that a group is circulating a letter that voices concerns over the lack of disciplinary action against head coach mike montgomery. the letter's purpose is to, quote, spark important dialogue about broader issues. now to baseball. how about the weather? you think jeff was talking about the weather, the weather in arizona today. our giants and a's insider sent these tweets out of pictures of hail. not exactly spring weather at spring training today. what the hail in arizona and a golf tournament was suspended. they had snow up there. i thought the 34 degrees this morning when i was taking my kids to school was too chilly for me, guys, but hail, what is going on out there? >> watch your tongue. >> jeff will get angry. >> he tried to take over my role. >> you guys can settle this later.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
winemakers have long believed there's a unique taste to wine recovered from sunken ships. the ocean providing that distinct aging process. today mira wineries put that theory to the test. they put bottled wine in these cages and submerged them in the ocean at an undisclosed location. in about three months they will remove those cages and subject them, the wine, to chemical and taste tests. if all goes well, the winery could produce and sell underwater aged wine in the near future. fascinating. >> i want to taste that wine.
6:57 pm
>> you can taste first and then i'll be happy to taste first. >> scuba gear. >> thank you for joining us. >> now on "extra" --
6:58 pm
mindy mccready's fatal love story caught on camera. >> she's everything to me. >> private, never-before-seen videos with their boyfriend and their bond in life that drove her to death. >> good man. i haven't known too many of them in my life. >> i don't think anybody really knows her. >> new details on the breaking point that pushed her over the edge. anchor's away. new york newsman accused of choking his wife abruptly quits. did he threaten to kill her?
6:59 pm
the new dirty laundry coming out today. >> robin roberts triumphant tv return. >> good morning, america. >> a.j.'s with robin for her first day back. >> how are you feeling? >> now trending, blade runner's ferocious all-night fight before he shot his girlfriend. plus, kelly versus clive, round two. she's slammed him as a bully. now the music king is firing back. and the most incredible before and after transformations you have ever seen. hollywood's groundbreaking new facelifts. plus, mariah in vegas with -- >> extra! >> and -- >> i'm with oscar host seth macfarlane. he just let a giant surprise out of the bag. >> did he, maria? >> go with me on this one. >> [bleep] sure. >> extra, extra! >> welcome to "extra" at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. did new york news anchor rob morrison threaten to murder his wife? story gets crazier today. wife? story gets crazier today. >> that's the tip of the

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